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essential branding


To create a strong brand you need a clear-cut message. Razor sharp, inspiring and true. That speaks from heart to heart. From soul to soul. I create those brands, based on a cleverly clear message. Based on your essence. 

Hannah de Groot



“Within a very short space of time Hannah and her team made Notorious Hearts more concrete than an inner city housing complex. 


None of this would have been possible without the Zen stick-like precision and illusion slicing insights of Hannah The Great. 


Not only did she cultivate and refine the brand in such a beautiful and loving way, she also drew out of me the truth of what Notorious Hearts is all about. And in doing so helped me to connect with a deeper purpose that I could not reach by myself. 


This is not a job for her, she actually 'becomes it' in order to birth it into the world. The truth comes through Hannah in a way that is impossible to ignore, and is so refreshing in today's world." 

Steve Shiva Corbett
Founder of Notorious Hearts

Hannah is a genius with great feelers. She knows how to lay a foundation on which we can build further, based on our mission and with a strong brand.”

Henriëtte Tomassen
Founder of Venusian Collective

“Hannah can reduce your essence to one sublime sentence that says everything about you or your company. Working with Hannah is a joy, and an adventure. She knows better than you what you need, and you get more than you asked for.


When it's clear what she's supposed to do, she works incredibly fast (without clarity she doesn't work). 


With her sublime sentences she gives you a basis, and with her vision she gives direction to the future. She gave me a huge boost.”

Elsbeth Tijssen


Every project is a human business and questions are a good starting point.  

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