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You don't need a battalion of people to get your message clear. You need that one person with the creative mind, sharp instinct and smart words. 

Here I am. And I am all yours. 

I create a cleverly clear brand story for your business. Which means you know exactly what to communicate, how and to whom. And this automatically includes your Brand Baseline, that small but very powerful sentence underneath your logo.

You and your brand will radiate. Internationally. Because it is based upon the strongest fundament possible: the true essence of your company. From print to online, social to pr - clients will recognise you. See you. Feel you. 

Because it is all yours. 


True marketing is in all you do. 
​It is not a slick layer on top of a bunch of crap. True marketing is in all you do. External and internal. From logo design to a team outing, from how you pick up the phone to a message on Instagram. 

The meaning of business is to make people grow. 
Whether it is your client or colleague, the chauffeur or supplier. Make them grow. By offering quality products and services. By sharing your knowledge. By supporting initiatives. By smiling behind the customers service desk. By inspiring conversations. 

Let's go for 100%.  
May be's. Halves. Not sure's. We'll see's. These aren't a yes. And that's what we want. BIG TIME YES. When I'm in, I'm in for a 100%. Because that is the only way to get a 100% out of it. So I need you a 100% too. Because I co-create, with you and your team. 

Keep it simple. (Especially if you want to grow big.)
No matter how big you want to become, I belief in keeping it simple. It's not about conquering the world. It's not about becoming an idol or the next influencer. It's about being you, your quality and who you're serving. Stick to that, and then be curious what will happen - it might grow bigger than you've ever imagined.  


The matter of quality. 
We all know the power of marketing. Shitty products can be sold by solid branding. I don't do that. I want quality. The best quality. Your quality. Because we both like to make people happy. With good stuff. 

Be good. 
For people. For animals. For the green. Because that makes everybody happy. And that is eventually what we all want: to be happy. 

Be you.
I believe in you. In who you are and in what you have to share. It's the best starting point. Whether you dream of going international or staying local - it's about sharing you. The key: be you. 

Be open minded. 
If you don't know what this means, do not call me. Bye.


Every project is a human business and questions are a good starting point.  

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Thank you!

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