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Legendary Teams focuses on top coaches, top athletes and top teams. To let them take that last step: from top to legendary.


Legends do more than win. They inspire. They are authentic. And perhaps most importantly, they bring joy. Dedication and focus on the one hand, truthfulness and play on the other.

Govert Semeijns De Vries Van Doesburgh works with the undercurrent. It's where you find that magic flow. It's where brilliant insights are waiting for you. It's where the team spirit lives. 


Combine the undercurrent with the upper current - play and perform. And you have this golden combination. Legendary, to be exact. 

Aim high, set your goal. Dive deep, tap into the undercurrent.

Services provided:

- Brand Name: Legendary Teams
​- Brand Baseline: Aim high. Dive deep.
- Brand design
- Brand positioning
- Brand story
- Copywriting
- Website

- Linkedin articles

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Brickton is specialized in educating the professionals in the construction world. This new institute needed a brand name, a baseline and a brand positioning. The why, how, what and for whom - we clarified it all for and with them.

Baseline: Get in the loop. 
At Brickton you become a looper: you learn, you earn, you return. Returning means at Brickton: what you've learned you give back, or rather - you give forward to the ones that come after you. This loop of knowledge creates a beautiful environment of loopers who alternately learn and teach. Trainees become trainers, trainers start learning new stuff and become trainees again. The loop of knowledge. Get in!

Services provided:

​- Brand Name: Brickton
​- Brand Baseline: Get in the loop
- Brand Positioning
- Key messages


brickton-2020-logo Hannah de Groot.png
brickton-2020-proud-trainee Hannah de Groot.png
brickton-2020-logo-sign_orig Hannah de Groot.png
brickton-2020-note-board_orig Hannah de Groot.png
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Notorious Hearts


There is only one way to beat the truth: With. Your. Heart. Notorious Hearts is founded by Steve Shiva Corbett. As a transformational coach and ruthless provocateur he guides his clients to live their truth, and their truth only. As he states it: 

"Be notorious for being honest. You need to be courageous and brave. And trust me, you will become notorious. Not only for your openness and honesty, but also for your happiness, contentment and confidence."   

Services provided:

​- Brand Baseline: Notorious Hearts beat the truth
- Brand Positioning & Marketing
- ​Brand design

- Copywriting & design website

- Social Media Kit

Logo Notorious Hearts_Hannah de Groot.jpg
Truth_Notorious Hearts_Hannah de Groot.png
T-shirts Notorious Hearts_Hannah de Groot.png
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Chaud Devant


Chaud Devant designs and produces clothes for the professional kitchen. With style. From fashionable chef's jackets, to cool jeans, to smart aprons and hats - just everything. Even very awesome shoes, developed together with tire and gastronomy specialist Michelin. 

Time to create sharp and strong communications. To involve the group of people they serve with their clothes: kitchen and service. 

Services provided:

​- Brand Baseline: Serve the kitchen
- Brand Positioning
- ​Brand Style

- Copywriting

Chaud Devant new logo Hannah de Groot.png
chaud-devant-visual-identity-Hannah de Groot_5.jpg
chaud-devant-visual-identity-Hannah de Groot_4.jpg
chaud-devant-visual-identity-Hannah de Groot_3.jpg
chaud-devant-merkessentie_Hannah de Groot_7.jpg
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Tideman Boats


Bruno Tideman produces indestructible workboats. Black boats made from HDPE - the super strong AND recyclable plastic we know from wheelie bins. For this new international business Bruno needed a company name, a brand baseline, a brand style and brand positioning. 

About the name: Tideman Boats
What other name could this company get, then Bruno's own family name: Tideman. Man of tides. Plus: his ancestor Bruno Joannes Tideman (1834 - 1883) was also a famous man in the boat building business. 

About the baseline: Built to last
If boat building is in the family for so long already, than this talent is an on going presence. As are the boats, made from this indestructible HDPE, they are built to last.

Services provided:

​- Brand Name: Tideman Boats
- Brand Baseline: Built to last
- ​Brand design
- ​Brand positioning

- Copywriting

Tideman boats website_logo_Hannah de Groot.png
Tideman boats_at water_Hannah de Groot.png
Tideman boats_logo emblem_Hannah de Groot.png
Ike Rosier


As a lawyer and mediator Ike Rosier is always in search of the right words. The words that speak right, that do justice. In French: Le mot juste.  

What are these right words? 

Firm words, confronting - to get ahead. 

Words of hope, because every ending is also a new beginning. 

Words for the children, to prevent them from becoming the victims. 

Words of the law, when there is no more willingness to solve this together. 

Words that soften painful issues, by naming them. 

Words that make a joke, for laughter is needed too. 

Words that are crystal clear, to make clear agreements between all parties, black on white. 

Creative words, that make possible what seems impossible. 

Words that give direction, so you know where you stand.

These words, these are the right words.   

Services provided:

​- Brand Baseline: Le mot juste
- Brand Positioning

- Copywriting website

ike-rosier-le-mot-juste_Hannah de Groot.jpg
Dutch Workboats


The Dutch are famous for their history with water. For centuries they conquered the oceans seeking trade. They became specialists in boat building. Dutch Workboats jumps on this history. Their boats know how to master the waters. Plus they are very Dutch: low costs and very efficient in use. 

Services provided:
- Brand Baseline: Master the waters
- ​Brand positioning

- ​Brand style & logo

- Creative strategic direction

- Copywriting

dwb-stationary_Hannah de Groot.png
dwb-logo-brand-baseline_Hannah de Groot.jpg
essence-dwb_Hannah de Groot.png
DWB_Hannah de Groot_Workboat.jpg
Flyer_Hannah de Groot_DWB.png



The best ideas are usually very simple. The trick is to find the right insight. In this case: when the Dutch national team plays, half of the supporters are women. But beer brands only cater to men, with crazy orange plush hats and ugly uncomfortable synthetic shirts.

Women want elegance. So, please, Bavaria, give us what we want! And there it was: the very first World Cup premium for women: the Dutch Dress. Also called 'the Bavaria dress'.

​Service provided
•  Concept & strategy
•  Campaign Baseline
•  Design dress: Supertrash

A success it was:
- Instead of 20.000 dresses, over 200.000 were sold.

- Media value: € 25.000.000
- Bavaria upped its sales of beer by 60% during the World Cup time period.
- Bavaria placed itself as a brand on the international market.
- The DutchDress was admitted into the Amsterdam historical museum.
- The Dress was responsible for a beer war amongst brands.
- Never before was a World Cup premium banned from a stadium. 

In the press: 
- Het Parool 

Amsterdammers foppen de wereld met DutchDress.

- AT5 

Amsterdamse vrouwen achter oranje jurkjes.

- AT5 
 Bavaria jurkje in Amsterdams Historisch museum.

Hannah de Groot_Bavaria_stadium_DutchDress.jpg
Sylvia Meis_Dutchdress_Bavaria_Hannah de Groot.png
Hannah de Groot_bavariastadium_3.jpg
Hannah de Groot_bavaria-Hannah de Groot_dutchdress_3.jpg
Hannah de Groot_Parool_Bavaria_dutchdress.jpg


Adella Langdon is a renowned international trainer and keynote speaker. She trains you to stand your ground and use your voice. You will reach your highest level of presentation. The essence of presence is the question: where are you? Are you fully present, or day dreaming around? 

Services provided:
- Brand Baseline: The essence of presence
- ​Brand positioning

- ​Brand style & logo

- Copywriting website

Adella Langdon website_Hannah de Groot.png
Adella Landon_book_Where the hell are you_!.jpg
Hannah de Groot_Adella Langdon_vis-0001_3.jpg
Adella Langdon_Hannah de Groot_vis.jpg
Adella Langdon_portrait_Hannah de Groot.png
Inter College Business School


Inter College Business School is a private business school in Amsterdam. Founded in 1979 by Anton Dreesman, chairman of warehouse Vroom&Dreesman. Since 2000 nothing has changed in their style. Let's say the appearance was a bit... old school. 

​Time for some change. For a design that will make the students and teachers damn proud!

Services provided:
- Brand Baseline: Van talent tot ondernemer
- ​Brand positioning

- ​Brand style & logo

- Design & development website

ic logo_Hannah de Groot.jpg
ic briefpapier_Hannah de Groot.jpg
ICBS_Hannah de Groot logo.jpg
ic_Hannah de Groot.jpg
logo design_Hannah de Groot.jpg


Every project is a human business and questions are a good starting point.  

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